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The McNuggetini

This video is pretty much all that is right and wrong in the world.

Im actually not totally dismissing this idea as I saw a local burger joint that has spiked milkshakes and it very much piqued my interest. I might have to try this concoction at my next white trash party ;)

<3 seanalyn

[link via bonerparty]

Rapid beverage chiller

While trolling about the internet today I came across this product…

The Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Beverage Chiller

This contraption boasts the ability to take a room temperature can of juice, beer, soda or even a bottle of wine and make it a thirst quenching 44 degrees in just a matter of minutes. The product costs about $50 on sale at Amazon which to me is a bit pricey for the product. However there have been many times (like Tuesday night) where I just served dinner only to realize that I forgot to chill the bottle of white wine. Lucky for me my freezer is a beast and can chill things about twice as fast as most other freezers. Still, I can definitely see the appeal of this product especially for parties and entertaining. I think I’ll wait until it drops another $20 before I consider picking it up thought.

If you too dont feel like shelling out $50 for a chilled beverage, check out this episode of one of my favorite shows, Mythbusters, where they look into myths about how to rapidly chill a 6-pack. If you feel like wasting your fire extinguisher (those things are expensive to refill) you can chill a beer in a matter of seconds by blasting it with the extinguisher.

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DIY Mobile Bar

This week on Instructables user jamiep posted up instructions for how to make your own Mobile Bar aka BaR2D2.

If only the frat boys of the world could figure out how solder and hard-wire, theres nothing that could stop them from building a beer slinging army of BaR2D2s! Actually, just from skimming the instructions, it doesnt look like a terribly complicated project. In fact with some elbow crease and patience just about anyone could construct this project even if they’ve never worked with robotics before. The creator of this project described BaR2D2 as “is a radio-controlled, mobile bar that features a motorized beer elevator, motorized ice/mixer drawer, six-bottle shot dispenser, and sound activated neon lighting.” Apparently its also “driveable” so you can “take the party on the road.” Im not exactly sure how this is drivable, but I can only hope that they mean you can ride it home on autopilot after you get to drunk to drive.

Below is a video of BaR2D2 in action and click here for step by step instructions to make your own.


DIY Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

Tis the season for Holiday parties…well just parties in general. So you wakeup the next morning with a pounding headache and pocketful of little cocktail umbrellas and what do you do? Wait not the trash! Pop a few Advil and try constructing a Cocktail Umbrella Lamp!

Some glue and a little bit of patience is basically what it takes to make this pretty little lamp. Plus, when you shamefully walk into the office the next morning you can claim that all your over-the-top boozing was for a craft project.

Baking for lushes

Yesterday at my office someone brought in margarita cupcakes for my friend Amorena’s birthday. With much skepticism I tried a lick of the bright green frosting. Was it bad? No. Was it good? Not really. It just tasted like a lime frosting with a hint of tequila which didnt really seem to go well with the whole cupcake thing. However, it got me thinking about what other deliciously alcoholic baked goods you could make. So I hit the internet and searched for recipes utilizing some of my favorite drinks as inspiration. The result? Well….Im lets just say Im planning a ladies baking night already ;)

White Russian Cake
Ok so Im actually more fond of Black Russians….but the cream in a White Russian just fits better for baking.

Chocolate Pecan Whiskey Pie
Whiskey and chocolate….what more could a gal want in life?

Rainbow Daiquiri Sorbet

Ok Ok I know…this isn’t technically a baked desert…but growing up my favorite ice cream flavor was always Baskin-Robbins Daiquiri Ice. What 6 year old likes daiquiri flavored sweets?!? Well, I guess that was a sign of my future lushness.

Harvey Wallbanger Cake

For those unfamiliar, a Harvey Wallbanger is basically a Screw Driver with a twist and bit of herbal vanilla hints.

Whiskey Cookies

Mmmm….now if only I could somehow combine these with the bacon cookies I would be all set.

Irish Stout Cake with Whiskey-Sour Icing

Mmmm Whiskey Sour (are you noticing a Whiskey trend here?) a simple classic drink. Why not combine it with cake and been and call it a night? I think I will ^_^

So there are just a few deliciousy boozey baked goods. I’ll try these out with the ladies and report back on our adventure. One thing I want to try and develop myself is a Whiskey and Gingerbread Cookie. I looked all over and couldnt find a recipe for this! Too me, this one makes perfect sense! I mean who doesn’t love a nice glass of Jameson on the rocks with just a splash of ginger? Why not take that and make a cookie?! Im thinking normal gingerbread cookies with a Jameson icing. Mmmm.

Want to smell like waffles?

Of course you do! I was trolling the internet earlier when I stumbled across Demeter Fragrance and their incredible library of scents. I know I have seen this before because I heard about their Dirt fragrance and really wanted to pick up a bottle but I kept forgetting the website. Well thank god I found it again so now not only can I smell like dirt, but a plethora of other delicious food and other random stuff.

Here are some of my favorite food scented ones, not necessarily that I want to own them, but I just think they are awesome


My first thought was “do I really want to smell like raw fish and vinegar?” Then I read the description which described it as the scent of fresh sushi rice with hints of seaweed, lemon and ginger. I totally want this one!

Whiskey Tobacco

This is what I imagine the Rat Pack must have smelled like.

Gin & Tonic

For the times you dont want to be drunk, but want to smell like you are. Actually I imagine this would smell pretty nice like fizzy citrus (dont ask me what fizzy smells like). Bonus points for them putting the recipe on the bottle.

Holy Water

Ive always wanted to smell like Sunday morning mass. Also Im counting this as food because you could technically drink Holy Water, but I wouldnt recommend it.


My favorite herb, perhaps soon to become my favorite fragrance!

Scottish Shortbread

Im not sure how Scottish Shortbread smells different from regular ol shortbread cookies, but if this stuff can make me smell like my favorite Girl Scout cookie, Trefoils, then Im all there!


The description says the scent is “dead on” for lobster, Im not sure how much I want to smell like lobster because as delicious as it is, I fear stray cats would stalk me.

Black Pepper

For those of you that are tired of dousing yourself in pepper spray just so you can create that musky spicy peppery odor, rejoice!

Black Russian

Im actually surprised and pleased that they have this instead of Kahlua or White Russians because I feel that this deliciously sweet cocktail is by far the superior coffee cocktail. Again, bonus points for having the recipe.


Touted as having that “fresh-out-of-the-can” scent Im sure this will remind people of their childhood spent making piles of Play-Doh spaghetti. Fun Fact: Play-Doh is in fact edible! So again, Im counting this as food.

And last but not least


Undoubtedly one of the best things on earth is the smell of fresh baked waffles rousting you from your slumber. Now you can recreate that moment any day any time.

Welcome! Would you like some tea?

So its high time I start a blog thats been swirling in my head for a while…Domestic Geek. A blog that serves to prove that you can be a tech savvy hardworking woman (or man) who also loves to knit yoga bags and cook curry. In recent years the word “domestic” has taken on a bad connotation and I want to take back that word as something chic and practical (I wont go into a long rant here and now, Im sure you get the gist). Here you’ll find everything from recipes, to patterns, to tips and links to all around cool domestic geekery. So with a Irish Tea in hand (trust me this aint your grandma’s tea…or maybe it is if shes a lush) I crisen this blog!

Oh and how rude of me, of course I must leave you with a quick recipe on how to make Irish Tea.  I have to give my brother credit for introducing me to this idea of substituting tea for coffee in Irish Coffee, its perfect if you arent exactly a coffee drinker or if you dont feel like brewing up a whole pot of coffee.


  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 Irish tea bag (or English Breakfast tea)
  • 1-2 shots of Whiskey (something with a smokey mild flavor…I like Cutty Sark or Jameson)
  • 1 shot of Creme Liquor (my preference is Cask N Cream)

Bring water to a boil on the stove and allow to cool slightly before adding the tea (common we’ve all made tea before right!?). Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes. Add a shot (or two!) of whiskey and a shot of creme liquor. mix and serve! for added pizzaz top with a bit of vanilla powder, cinnamon or nutmeg. To put an exotic twist on this substitute a mild black chai tea instead! Bigelows Vanilla Chai is amazing fyi.

Serve and enjoy! This drink is a great breakfast treat if you want to start your Sunday morning off right (not recommended for weekdays) or a nice way to close out a day. Enjoy!

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