Let me tell you about my dear friend, Erin. She is a beautiful young hardworking woman who is rapidly making her way up in the video game industry. After a 10-12 hour day at the office, Erin still finds time to run. She loves it! It’s inspiring to know that even with her schedule; she finds time to work out. It inspires me to try harder to fit exercise into my busy schedule!

With that being said, both Seanalyn and I were a bit shocked when we visited her home a couple weeks ago. I took one look at her fridge and almost fell over. It was empty! With the time and dedication she spends on work and running, Erin doesn’t factor in eating at home. Instead, she grabs quick bites at restaurants, prepared foods at grocery stores, or frozen meals. She puts so much time and effort into her career and her workouts, but she shorts herself when it comes to eating. Like many busy professionals, she doesn’t feel she has the time or money to put into cooking at home. Well, being big foodie chefs and domestic geeks, Seanalyn and I decided it was time to help Erin make a change. We wanted to show her that there are things she can do to save money and time and still eat delicious healthy meals. Thus, my introduction to OPERATION: Domesticate Erin!

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2 Responses to “Operation: Domesticate Erin!”

  1. 1 Gaspare Pellegrino March 8, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Why do I hear the Mission Impossible song in the background? I joke… I joke. Good luck!

  1. 1 Quick Quinoa Dinner « Domestic Geek Trackback on September 18, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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