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Lego Dispatchwork

Got a hole in your wall? Why fill it with plaster when you can fill it with Legos! Because come on, plaster is soooooo last season!

Dispatchwork Berlin

Artist Jan Vormann has been using Legos to patch holes in walls and statues, many of which were leftover from WWII. It creates not only a visually engaging piece but also a comedic one, Legos are modeled after blocks used to build buildings and he is using these mini toy models to repair buildings. Funny eh ;) Also gives me even more ideas for using Legos around the house!

<3 seanalyn

[link via Current]

lego birthday candles!

happy birthday seanalyn!  in honor of you, i thought i would post these lego candles:

A + R, located in Venice, CA, has these retailing for $48 and you get all three colors: blue, yellow, AND red!  they are really cute and fun, a bit pricey though.

Lego home decor

Earlier Katie posted an awesome blog about Lego ceramics (I want them so bad!). But until these get distribution theres a few ways you can enjoy some DIY Lego home decor right now.

Lego Kitchen Crafts

A napkin holder, utensil holder, fruit basket and more. All of these can be yours with a little time with some bricks.

Lego Planter

When Bob of The Bob Blog found out a that some planters he wanted were a little out of his price range he did what anyone else would do….build them out of legos.

A Lego Desk

This 120 lb desk is made entirely of Legos. Apparently he had to buy special edition pieces to make the drawers slide. Oh and he also built a fully functioning Lego grandfather clock

Lego CEO Desk

Ok so Im cheating on this one since it isnt made out of Legos and you have to buy it…buy its just so darn cool! The Swedish designers describe the desk as such…

“…a desk for a powerful person that reflects on a glimpse of the lost childhood, when life was easier and freer.”

I wouldnt mind having any of these in my apartment!

<3 seanalyn

lego ceramics

i wish i could own a set of these dinnerware:

these aren’t for sale yet.  but i hope that this designer, Vinicius Zarpelon, gets picked up by some big producer and they start manufacturing these.  i want them!

<3 kt

couture ad target towards boys?!?

in case any of you do not already know this, i love pacman. i wish i owned my own arcade machine of ms. pacman. what i love even more is when couture ads incorporate pacman or other beloved nerd things:

clothing courtesy by designer LANVIN.

besides loving me some old school arcade, i also am obsessed with legos.  i love building them!  i actually have a star wars lego kit at home patiently waiting for my crafty fingers to build it!

photography courtesy of Hartland Villa.

ads that incorporate nerd references + expensive couture clothing = super nerd awesomeness!  i mean come on, with a hot model blasting a lego gun, who wouldn’t buy her red ruffly dress?

<3 katie

Unusual and funky sofas

Toxel recently posted a blog of Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs and I thought I would share some of them with you as well as a few additions if found myself.

Sofa Box

I love that this looks so industrial and rockstar when folded up

Swiming Pool Sofa

So impractical and simultaneously so awesome

Car Sofa

Made in the 1960s and still ridiculously cool

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Finally I can achieve my dream of living in a sea anemone like Nemo!

The Climbing Sofa

For those of you that have reeealllllyyyy tiny apartments…this would certainly save some space.

Sitscape Sofa

Im not totally sure how you sit on this sofa…but it looks amazing.

Behind the Wall Sofa

This sofa actually frightens me terribly.

And last but DEFINITELY not least…

Lego Sofa

Build your own sofa dammit! You buy the bricks individually and construction your own cushioney wonder. I want this so badly I cannot even describe it…but my friend Jenn can! Her comment was “it’s cute and it looks like all the nubbins would be great spots to put your pabst.” hehe

Lego Batman The Videogame Cake

My friend Jenn over a Infinite Lives has once aagain turned me on to another geek themed baked good. Witness the utter glory that is…

Lego Batman The Videogame Cake

“It took cake designer Elisa Strauss and a team of people twelve days to make this 300 lb (~136 kg) cake. The LEGO Men (and Ladies) are handmade and edible.”

Elisa Strauss and her team are known for their amazing and detailed cakes, they’ve competed in the Food Network Extreme Cake Challenge where they won first place for their awesome Sock Monkey cake.

[link via Infinite Lives]

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