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Domestic Geek in Japan

So you may be wondering why I havent been posting as of late and why I am suddenly doing so at 9pm on a Sunday night. Well, Im actually half way around the world in Tokyo Japan right now and its about 1pm on Monday…so yes…I am writing you from the FUTURE!!

Just wanted to say ‘ello to all of you back home and let you know that Im heading out today with a video camera in hand with the hopes of capturing some awesome domestic geekery around Tokyo! See you soon!

<3 seanalyn

Bento Jewelry

My friend Jasmin recently sent me a link to what might possibly be the most amazing jewelry ever.

Tiny Bento Jewelry

These tiny artfully crafted pieces of jewelry feature different japanese treats from green tea to uni nigiri to chopsticks to tuna maki. All are individually handmade and are a wonderful mix of kitsch and class…its hard to incorporate sushi into jewelry and not come off as cheesy, but San Francisco based artist Carolyn Tille pulls it off with an elegant and artistic grace. My personal favorite is Silver Ikura Ring.

She also makes Dessert Jewlery and other pieces all of which can be viewed and purchased on her website.

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Next best thing to your own sushi boats!

Just the other day I was telling my friends about how much I want my a river with sushi boats in my house. Unfortunately most San Francisco landlords are not so keen on people putting tiny rivers in their apartments so I will have to wait until I get a house of my own. But until then, I can fill my need for mobile sushi with a sushi train!

Shinkansen Bullet Train Sushi Go Round Restaurant

Modeled after the infamous Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan, this kit allows you to build your own bullet train track and comes with train cars to tote the sushi. If youre having a party you can play conductor and decide when your guests get their meal or you could just sit by yourself and play master of the sushi train (totally what I would do). The train comes with two cars and either plates or bowls and can be operated manually or on auto pilot. It also includes chopsticks and fake sushi so you can do some trial runs before using the real thing.

The set can be shipped from Japan and retails for around $66 dollars (not including shipping).

[link via TokyoMango]

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Create create culinary art with Magic Five

Ever wonder how restaurants get those perfectly even lines of sauce on your food? Yeah I can never figure it out either but someone has figured out how to make them them yourself with ease. Introducing the…

Magic Five

This Japanese bottles have 5 evenly spaced holes at the tip allowing you to expertly decorate your food with whatever sauce you like (medium thickness like mayo works best). Recently a blogger discovered them while eating Okonomiyaki (or as I call it, Okonomnomnomiyaki) in Kyoto Japan last fall. Unfortunately these bottles are only available in Japan, so I guess I’ll have to wait until I go to Tokyo this summer to pick some up!

[link via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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Heres a late addition to the ever growing list of Things You Should Buy Me For Christmas List…

USB Powered Humidifier that looks like a can of green tea

When dry winter weather hits I especially become susceptible to dry skin…normally this isnt a problem but when its super cold out my lips will crack and my skin just tends to get blotchy (sexy huh?). I cant really read anything on the product page since its all in Japanese, but I do know that I like the compact size and discrete design of this humidifier. Perfect for the office or at home to hydrate up your skin and refresh your body during those long Fallout 3 sessions.

[via TokyoMango]

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