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Next-gen shelves

I was trolling Apartment Therapy today and came across a really interesting article on future shelving.

Aside from some interesting shapes theres really no way to upgrade or improve on shelves…or so I thought. Sung-Pil Hwang from the Nothing Design Group has created these prototypes which would plug into light sockets and not only emanate light but charge your different portable devices.

I think this is such a great design concept, they are not only chic in appearance but they are also very practical and functional. My boyfriend and I have a plethora of portable devices from gaming systems to ipods and they are always scattered about the house charging on various plugs. This shelf would be great to not only clean up that mess but provide storage for magazine, books, plants, etc all while looking very hip. Hopefully they will perfect this concept and get these on the market asap!

<3 seanalyn

DIY Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

Tis the season for Holiday parties…well just parties in general. So you wakeup the next morning with a pounding headache and pocketful of little cocktail umbrellas and what do you do? Wait not the trash! Pop a few Advil and try constructing a Cocktail Umbrella Lamp!

Some glue and a little bit of patience is basically what it takes to make this pretty little lamp. Plus, when you shamefully walk into the office the next morning you can claim that all your over-the-top boozing was for a craft project.

In Soviet Latvia, Design Makes You!

Living in San Francisco, Ive become accustomed to the fact that space is a luxury so organizing your apartment to maximize the space is key. Latvian designer Stanislav Katz who I partially love just for being Latvian, but mostly love for his incredibly stylish and practical designs. My favorite which is this amazing lounge bookshelf combo that would be just incredible in any SoMa loft.

Not much wider than a full Ikea Billy bookshelf, this painfully hip combo ozes with style. Bonus points for the hot pink and black color combo…its my weakness.

Bomb lamps…just let that sink in for a second. how awesome would it be to have a series of these hanging from your ceiling?! Pretty damn awesome thats for sure! Again, so painfully hip my belt turned white reading looking at them.

A clock inspired by a paper fan. Again so hip it hurts.

Ultra bonus points because the website’s tag is “In Soviet Latvia, Design Makes You!”

Get on with your bad Latvian self Stanislav!

Geek Gear: Museum of Modern…Appliances?!

Who knew that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art sold ridiculously chic and sleek kitchen and home gadgets?! And here I thought it was just Dutch Renaissance notepads! Well heres my wish list of gear from SF MoMA

A sleek simplistic teapot that looks like a work of art. Swoooooon. Now if only I could justify dropping $200 on a teapot when I have a perfectly good $25 on on my stove.

Paradise Birds Salt and Pepper Shakers

I never thought I would see the day where I actually desired bird shaped salt and pepper shakers! Hell I never thought I would want any sort of decorative shakers because it seems like something my grandma would collect. But lo and behold, I want these innovative and cute shakers to sit aside my penguin set, my grandmothers vintage porcelain set and my 1UP mushroom set. To my boyfriend, Im sorry, I swear I wont start collecting doilies!

Drop Bottle Opener

This hopelessly chic bottle opener claims to be lightweight and ergonomic … I dont know it looks like you could bludgeon someone to death with it which makes it a multi use item! I love items with multiple uses!! I can open a beer and slay a burglar all in one swift motion!

Salad Servers Plant

Yet another kitchen item that I dont need but desperately want. I could only justify this purchase because they would match my 1UP mushroom salt and pepper shakers perfectly.

Cubix Lamp

Im not much of a lamp person but theres something about this that is so elegantly simple and comforting that I just love it….well either that or it just reminds me of Jenga.

To drool over and or purchase these items and more, head over to the SF MoMa shop.

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