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Want to smell like waffles?

Of course you do! I was trolling the internet earlier when I stumbled across Demeter Fragrance and their incredible library of scents. I know I have seen this before because I heard about their Dirt fragrance and really wanted to pick up a bottle but I kept forgetting the website. Well thank god I found it again so now not only can I smell like dirt, but a plethora of other delicious food and other random stuff.

Here are some of my favorite food scented ones, not necessarily that I want to own them, but I just think they are awesome


My first thought was “do I really want to smell like raw fish and vinegar?” Then I read the description which described it as the scent of fresh sushi rice with hints of seaweed, lemon and ginger. I totally want this one!

Whiskey Tobacco

This is what I imagine the Rat Pack must have smelled like.

Gin & Tonic

For the times you dont want to be drunk, but want to smell like you are. Actually I imagine this would smell pretty nice like fizzy citrus (dont ask me what fizzy smells like). Bonus points for them putting the recipe on the bottle.

Holy Water

Ive always wanted to smell like Sunday morning mass. Also Im counting this as food because you could technically drink Holy Water, but I wouldnt recommend it.


My favorite herb, perhaps soon to become my favorite fragrance!

Scottish Shortbread

Im not sure how Scottish Shortbread smells different from regular ol shortbread cookies, but if this stuff can make me smell like my favorite Girl Scout cookie, Trefoils, then Im all there!


The description says the scent is “dead on” for lobster, Im not sure how much I want to smell like lobster because as delicious as it is, I fear stray cats would stalk me.

Black Pepper

For those of you that are tired of dousing yourself in pepper spray just so you can create that musky spicy peppery odor, rejoice!

Black Russian

Im actually surprised and pleased that they have this instead of Kahlua or White Russians because I feel that this deliciously sweet cocktail is by far the superior coffee cocktail. Again, bonus points for having the recipe.


Touted as having that “fresh-out-of-the-can” scent Im sure this will remind people of their childhood spent making piles of Play-Doh spaghetti. Fun Fact: Play-Doh is in fact edible! So again, Im counting this as food.

And last but not least


Undoubtedly one of the best things on earth is the smell of fresh baked waffles rousting you from your slumber. Now you can recreate that moment any day any time.

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