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Watchmen Cosplay Crunch: The Photos!

Im still waiting on the construction photos from our 3 day costume challenge, but I do have the final result pictures in! Just pretend like this blog is all Memento style and youre watching it backwards…I swear, production photos coming soon! For those that havent been following our journey heres a quick recap, Katie and I had planned to dress as the two Silk Spectres (Katie as Silk Spectre I from the movie and I as Silk Spectre II from the comic) for the midnight release of Watchmen, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to start on our costumes until the week of the release. So we were left with less then 3 days to make 2 complete costumes from scratch in our free time after work. How we ever finished it, I will never know.

Me with my man Night Owl…is he staring at my boobs?

Katie with The Comedian…who is trying to light her on fire!

The two Silk Spectres posing with Rorschach.

Our friend Shannon who made an adorable Silk Spectre inspired outfit that said WATCHMEN on the front and back. I really wish you could see it better in this picture because it was super adorable.

After the movie we posed with some other people dressed up as Dr Manhattan, Rorschach and Comedian. As I mentioned this was after the show and Katie had taken down her hair while my wig was messed up..but its still a cool shot!

All in all, I think we did a pretty good job given the time constraints. We had to cut corners in construction just to get the outfits together, but they still reflected our initial designs. Katie’s outfit was done completely from scratch and we ended up not using the pattern. I just threw fabric on her and cut and pinned until it looked right. My outfit was based on a pattern that I altered, but due to the material I had to alter it quite a bit. We’re planning on revisiting these costumes for San Diego ComicCon and we’ll blog along as we make them stronger (my sleeve was starting to come apart and so was Katie’s mock corset) and more awesome!

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