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5 ways to eat a veggie burger

i love Boca and Morningstar farms burgers! but sometimes, the same old becomes trite. here are some fantastic alternatives brought to you by SELF Magazine:

1. In a wrap. I slice a burger into half-inch strips, place them in a whole wheat wrap and layer with low-fat Swiss cheese, red onion, lettuce and a bit of ranch dressing.

2. With a salad. A traditional flavored burger, like Morningstar’s, tastes great on top of a Southwestern-style salad: spinach with corn kernels, sliced bell pepper, tomato, cilantro and lime juice.

3. For breakfast. Use in place of a sausage patty on a breakfast sandwich- you’ll get more meal for a similar amount of calories! Top a whole wheat English muffin with 1 tsp trans-fat free margarine, a scrambled egg and a slice of cheese.

4. In a sauce. I cut a warm patty into squares and stir into a microwaved cup of marinara sauce to soup up my whole wheat penne. Of course, I much prefer my mom’s meatballs, but this is an effortless way to add protein to an individual serving of pasta!

5. As a salad. Morningstar’s recipe for a re-vamped potato salad sounds perfect for late summer! Plus, it’s mayo-free, flavored only with fresh veggies and BBQ sauce.

PS: Check out Morningstar’s website, where they currently have a $1 off coupon posted! Or, want to find your own fave veggie burger? Look for one that meets these RD-approved guidelines:

Best Veggie Burger (per patty)

* 150 calories or less
* No more than 1 g saturated fat
* At least 10 g protein
* No more than 350 mg sodium

<3 kt

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