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Unusual and funky sofas

Toxel recently posted a blog of Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs and I thought I would share some of them with you as well as a few additions if found myself.

Sofa Box

I love that this looks so industrial and rockstar when folded up

Swiming Pool Sofa

So impractical and simultaneously so awesome

Car Sofa

Made in the 1960s and still ridiculously cool

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Finally I can achieve my dream of living in a sea anemone like Nemo!

The Climbing Sofa

For those of you that have reeealllllyyyy tiny apartments…this would certainly save some space.

Sitscape Sofa

Im not totally sure how you sit on this sofa…but it looks amazing.

Behind the Wall Sofa

This sofa actually frightens me terribly.

And last but DEFINITELY not least…

Lego Sofa

Build your own sofa dammit! You buy the bricks individually and construction your own cushioney wonder. I want this so badly I cannot even describe it…but my friend Jenn can! Her comment was “it’s cute and it looks like all the nubbins would be great spots to put your pabst.” hehe

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