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We’ve all seen the photos of crazy sandwiches online like the Rubiks Cube Sandwich and Paula Deen’s Donut Bacon Burger. Dont you wish there was one place where you could peruse all the insane sandwiches that the Internet has to offer? Well wish no more!!

This site is packed full of the best and craziest sandwiches on earth, here are some of my favorites!

Domino Sandwiches

East Meets Westdog

Cordless Mousewich with USB Cheese Stick

The Ass-backwards Ham Sandwich

The Breakfast Club Sandwich

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Do you work in an office where sometimes your lunch occasionally disappears? Maybe you have a roommate who just cant keep their paws off your shelf in the fridge. Well now you can thwart would be munchies thiefs with…

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

These clever little bags have mold markings painted on sure to make your tasty sandwich look slightly less appealing to food snatchers.

For $9.99 you get 25 sandwich sized bags to allow you to protect your lunch or just make you look like a bad parent when you send your kid off to school.

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There are very few things that can list my spirits and excite me on a Monday morning….unless it involved bacon. Behold, from the makers of Bacon Salt comes Baconnaise!

“Baconnaise is the ultimate bacon-flavored spread. Use it on sandwiches, salads, dips, sauces, chicken, fish and fried. Vegetarian safe!”

Bacconaise is available in Regular and Light and can be found at these locations or bought online via their web-page. Although I don’t see where it is available in their online store, you can call a number on their site to order. I personally am salivating at the thought of french fries dipped in bacon and extra bacony BLTs.

Sandwhich sushi and other sushi dreams.

I was watching Conan O Brien the other night when domestic guru Martha Stewart herself came on. Now Im not usually much into her cooking, its a bit luncheon-on-the-estate-lawn for my taste, but she did mention a nifty little snack that reminded me of an idea Ive long had (I’ll get to that later in the blog).

behold, Sandwich Sushi!

The basic idea is to flatten a piece of bread and spread some sort of condiment inside and roll it up into a bite sized treat for kids (or adults like me who love bite sized finger foods). I imagine this would be great with peanut butter and celery or apples for a sweeter treat or hummus, sprouts and lemon chicken for something a bit more adult.

Now what this reminded me of was my dream that I have long had yet often been made fun of for…this dream is to one day open an all sushi roll inspired restraint. Of course it would have to have a horribly punny name like Way to Roll or Point of Nori Turn. But anyways, this place would sell only food rolled up like sushi and it would be awesome. Imagine, a Curry Roll having yellow curry potatoes and cauliflower wrapped in naan with a chutney dipping sauce…or chicken mole wrapped in a think home made corn tortilla. Of course the physics of wrapping foods and getting them to stay would take a while to master, but with much time and patience like a ninja, I could succeed.

I did once try making a Breakfast Sushi which was almost a success. I say almost because had I used wider strips of bacon, it wouldve been perfect. What I did was scramble some eggs and home fry some rosemary potatoes. Then I baked the bacon on a baking sheet in the oven (so that it would lay flat) until it was still soft, but cooked through. I spread the eggs an the bacon strips and placed a julienne potato in each, sprinkled a little cheese inside, rolled it up and set it to bake for a few more minutes. I then served it with a spicy hot ketchup sauce. Im going to continue experimenting with this recipe until I perfect it (next time Im going to fry the eggs with rice so they stick better). Once I have, you can be sure I’ll post up instructions.

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