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Sandwhich sushi and other sushi dreams.

I was watching Conan O Brien the other night when domestic guru Martha Stewart herself came on. Now Im not usually much into her cooking, its a bit luncheon-on-the-estate-lawn for my taste, but she did mention a nifty little snack that reminded me of an idea Ive long had (I’ll get to that later in the blog).

behold, Sandwich Sushi!

The basic idea is to flatten a piece of bread and spread some sort of condiment inside and roll it up into a bite sized treat for kids (or adults like me who love bite sized finger foods). I imagine this would be great with peanut butter and celery or apples for a sweeter treat or hummus, sprouts and lemon chicken for something a bit more adult.

Now what this reminded me of was my dream that I have long had yet often been made fun of for…this dream is to one day open an all sushi roll inspired restraint. Of course it would have to have a horribly punny name like Way to Roll or Point of Nori Turn. But anyways, this place would sell only food rolled up like sushi and it would be awesome. Imagine, a Curry Roll having yellow curry potatoes and cauliflower wrapped in naan with a chutney dipping sauce…or chicken mole wrapped in a think home made corn tortilla. Of course the physics of wrapping foods and getting them to stay would take a while to master, but with much time and patience like a ninja, I could succeed.

I did once try making a Breakfast Sushi which was almost a success. I say almost because had I used wider strips of bacon, it wouldve been perfect. What I did was scramble some eggs and home fry some rosemary potatoes. Then I baked the bacon on a baking sheet in the oven (so that it would lay flat) until it was still soft, but cooked through. I spread the eggs an the bacon strips and placed a julienne potato in each, sprinkled a little cheese inside, rolled it up and set it to bake for a few more minutes. I then served it with a spicy hot ketchup sauce. Im going to continue experimenting with this recipe until I perfect it (next time Im going to fry the eggs with rice so they stick better). Once I have, you can be sure I’ll post up instructions.

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