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reuseable tote bags

being green is the new black.  i love it!  reusable totes are hot! here are some incredible ideas:

1.  greener grass design developed an incredibly cute bunny bag that is irresistible!

retailing at $55 a piece, this plushy bunny is a fun, economical gift for any occasion!

2.  Urban Outiftters’ recycled rice sack tote is the perfect farmers market accessory.  its bright, charming, and big enough to hold a ton of fresh produce!

a lot more affordable at $14 a piece.

3.  you’ll get a HOOT out of this one! lol!  Forever 21 has a super cheap tote that knock your socks off!

omg! only $1.50 a piece!  that’s a steal!

ARE YOU TOTES OVERBOARD???  DO YOU HAVE TOO MANY TOTES? came up with this ingenious idea to recycle your old totes:

The reusable bag trend is a bit out of control. They are pretty much the new t-shirt as far as things to put your graphics on. In concept, i love it ~ less plastic bags, less waste, but then a new problem has cropped up, i think i have an unhealthy amount of reusable bags and tote bags that i love too much to part with, but there is no way i can use that many at one time, even with piles in every house, car, bag, etc… What i HAVE needed lately are throw pillows though (i’m working on figuring out what to do with my empty room, so far stuck an ikea couch/bed and a big desk to play with in there)! And whether you want to call it a new way to reuse cotton tote bags, or recession chic, or multipurpose bag/pillow covers… once the random idea popped up i had to try it!

Tote Bags as Throw Pillows! I grabbed a few of my throw pillow inserts that were floating around and some of my favorite tote bags (it’s especially good for those bags you love that are a bit thin material-wise as good functional totes). They don’t look half bad, give me an excuse to SEE some of the graphics i love but tend to end up in a closet, and they are actually really comfy!

Now the part i haven’t tackled/resolved yet ~ do i alter the totes? Remove the handles? Or cut the handles and tie them to close the cushion covers? Or add zippers? Or just make custom perfectly sized cushions for them in a light fabric i dont mind having show? That way they can always be swapped back to being used as totes again? Truly multipurpose? Or do a slight stich across the tops to sew them in that can be easily removed when needed?

this would make a crafty homemade gift for your bestie! :)



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