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Quick and tasty salmon steak dinner

First of all I apologize for the lack of blogs this week.  With GDC going on and lots of other stuff at work Ive been doing double time and have had no spare time to write.  But have no fear, next week will be back to normal. Earlier this week I made a delicious salmon steak dinner and many people were asking me for the recipe and I want to share it because its a great dinner that takes little time and almost no energy to make prooving that even if you have no time in the world you can still make a delicious and healthy dinner.

Foil Wrapped Salmon


  • 2 salmon steaks or fillets
  • olive oil
  • dill
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 sweet red or yellow pepper
  • 1 lemon
  • salt and pepper to taste

First preheat and oven to 400. Next, clean the salmon and rub it with the olive oil, salt and pepper on each side.  Place some aluminum foil in a baking pan and drizzle some more olive oil in the bottom. Next chop up a handful of dill and cover the salmon. Dice the onion and pepper and add that to the foil as well.  Squeeze the juice of half the lemon onto the salmon and cut up some extra slices of lemon to place on top.  Close up the foil tightly and throw it in the oven until the salmon is thoroughly cooked (about 10-20 minutes depending on your oven and the thickness of the salmon).  Serve with some lemon slices and the peppers and onions.  You can also save the juice and use that as a sauce to drizzle on the salmon.

Easy huh?  Want something even easier? For a side dish cut up some squash or zuchinni and throw them in the pan OUTSIDE the foil wrapped salmon.  Drizzle them with some olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper.  Add a clove or two of crushed garlic and roast them while you are cooking the salmon.  Easy huh? You just made your main dish and side dish all at once with almost no effort at all! Enjoy!

<3 seanalyn

CO-OP Recipes Part 1: Quick N’ Easy Spinach Rice

So I was watching the latest episode of CO-OP (which if you haven’t watched yet you totally should for the latest and best video game coverage) from the boys at Area5 Media and I noticed they used some of my leftovers for the “romantic” dinner scene between Ryan and Kim. I decided I might as well post up the recipes for you all to enjoy, they are quick and easy to prepare, trust me any gamer guy trying to swoon his girl could whip these up in a jiffy no matter how limited their cooking skills. I’ll start off with the rice they were eating since that one is by far the quickest and simplest to prepare.

Quick N’ Easy Spinach Rice


  • 1 cup White medium grain rice or medium grain brown rice
  • 1 and 2/3 cups water (or whatever the ratio your rice requires but take out a little since the frozen spinach will add liquid)
  • 2 table spoons chicken bullion
  • 1 cup frozen spinach
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Put the rice in a pot or rice cooker (rice cookers make the perfect pot of rice every time so I highly recommend picking one up) and add whatever the ratio of water to rice that the rice specifies BUT make sure to take about a 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water out since the frozen spinach will add some liquid. After the water comes to a boil add in the chicken bullion and stir around until dissolved. Next add a cup of frozen spinach, frozen spinach is one of the few frozen veggies I love. Its great to keep on hand for quick pasta and rice dishes because it adds a zap of flavor and a boost of vitamins and protein for a well balanced meal. Recover the rice and let it cook until all the water is dissolved and the rice is nice and fluffy. If the rice looks like its not moist enough add in a little extra water. Unfortunately my measurements arent exact because the water content in frozen spinach varies bag to bag. When the rice is done stir it up to mix the spinach in thoroughly and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serves two for a quick romantic dinner or 3 for an award third wheel dinner.

I’ll post up the recipe for the Citrus Curry Noodles they where eating shortly (I had a little too much citrus in that batch so I need to perfect it before releasing the recipe out into the world.)

<3 seanalyn

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