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Tetris Pots

I think its apparent by now that we here at Domestic Geek LOVE Tetris. See Exhibits A, B, C and D. Well now we have another item to add to our growing list of awesomely geeky domestic products.

Tetris Pots

25 year old French artist Stephanie Choplin is an Industrial Design student working on her Master’s degree. Her work is clean and practical with a modern twist. Unfortunately it doesnt look like any of it is for sale as of yet, but hopefully Ms Choplin’s beautiful creations will be gracing store shelves sooner than later. Be sure to check out all of her work on her website.

[link via Current]

<3 seanalyn

Twittering plants?!

I read about this DIY project a while ago which will apparently allow your plant to Twitter and tell you when it needs to be watered. It utilizes a system call Botanicalls in which a plant can be rigged up to call for “help” when it needs water or other condition changes. Now this is kind of an awesome idea, especially for someone like me who is busy and has multiple plants. Often I forget which ones need to be watered and when. However, the Botanicalls mission statement takes a sharp turn for the creepy in their “about” section.

An excerpt if I may

Botanicalls was developed to provide a new way for plants and people to communicate in order to develop better, longer-lasting relationships between them. Instead of using an automatic watering system or developing methods for plants to text or email people, the Botanicalls team has created the means for a more personal relationship. Each plant has a unique voice based on its botanical characteristics, and each has the ability to tell people when they are in need of assistance. They’re also polite: they make sure to call and say thank you when they get a good watering.

Longer-lasting relationships?! I dont know, but to me thats taking a green thumb a bit too far. But hey, who am I to knock a plant or tree hugger/lover?

Here are directions to rig up your plant to the Botanicalls Twitter system if you feel that a phone call from your plant is a bit too personal.

While its overall a really cool idea, I feel its a bit creepy looking for my home.

I just get an Akira vibe going from this plant….

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