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Burn words onto your meat

Do you love meat? Do you love burning things? Then have I found the perfect product for you!

The BBQ Branding Iron

Really, why should cattle ranchers have all the fun? Now you can torch pretty much whatever you want onto a piece of steak, chicken, pork, salmon or even tofu! The BBQ Branding Iron comes complete with 52 letters and 8 blank spaces to let your imagination run wild.

“Thanks to two lines of text and a whole heap of letters, the possibilities are (almost) endless: ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Road Kill’, ‘McTasty’, Eat Me’, ‘Vegans Suck’, ‘Crime Scene’, ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘RIP Daisy’, ‘What Diet’, ‘Medium Rare’, ‘Ouch’… and those are just the clean ones. Profanity-seared meat splattered with ketchup? What’s not to like!”

Whats not to like indeed! You can pre-order the BBQ Branding Iron from the UK for £14.95 by clicking here.

<3 seanalyn

Plush + meat = win

Today my coworker and fellow bacon fanatic, Rena, showed off an awesome button she purchased over the weekend that says “I Love You More Than I Love Bacon.” Apparently it came from a craft fair this weekend and the woman selling it was also selling…get this….BACON PILLOWS! They actually have a thin wire in them so you can shape them like crispy bacon! Thankfully she got a business card with the website on it and I have found the glory of Sweet Meats

Prices range from $20 for the smallest one to $200 for a large set of all three. Sadly the bacon pillow does not appear to be on the page, so I will have to wait until that one comes out to make my purchase.

Bonus time!

If you want to make your own Sweet Meats Mini Hambone, you can! There are instructions and materials in Chronicle Books’ Softies Kit . This looks like an amazing kit with instructions for all sorts of adorable cute little DIY plushies.

Hell I want the book for the round fat lil penguin alone! Theres a Chronicle Bookstore around the corner from my work so Im planning on making a trip there, I’ll follow up with a review of all the DIY plushie goodness.

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