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another bacon post

i totes know what i am getting ms. seanalyn for Christmas this year!!! (hopefully she doesn’t read my post! :)  this adorable handmade ipod/ipod shuffle/iphone case made by Antjes on

it’s super cute and just the thing for those extra special bacon fanatics!  $35 for the iphone/ipod and $19 for the ipod shuffle case, these are a perfect out-of-the-box gift!

<3 kt

iPhone themes cupcakes win cupcake decorating championship!

At last nights Ignite NYC II event, Nick Bilton and Danielle Bilton designed the cupcakes for the night’s Cupcake Decorating Championship.

Delicious AND cute! They captured the bubbly pop look of the iPhone icons perfectly!

[viaSerious Eats]

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