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Watchmen Cosplay Crunch: Final Day

Hallelujah! We did it! At the 11th hour Katie and I crunched and finished our costumes in time to run over to the IMAX midnight showing! And the costumes actually looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I dont have any pics yet since I forgot to bring a camera (doh) but our good friend and fellow Watchmen geek snapped some shots so as soon as she gets those up I will upload them. Although several people at the theater took our pictures so I did a little googling today to see if any of them happened to be up already and low and behold there was one. Its very blurry (I dont even remember this pic getting taken) but its proof to all of you that our costumes actually got completed!

Ok so you cant see Katie at all and Im very blurry but its proof that we had costumes on! hehe.

I was actually able to complete everything I wanted except for my earrings, which was ok since the wig covered my ears. Katie actually was able to make her hair look pretty close even without a wig! Next time all we’ll need to do is add some extensions and it will be spot on. I was even able to add some detailing to Katie’s corset (even tough some of it fell off towards the end of the night). Im very pleased with how they came out…especially considering the time crunch. It probably took about 14 hours total to make both costumes…which is really very little time. They werent perfect and some of the rushing showed (by the end of the night I had a hole forming under my arm where I had to redo the sleeve). We want to revisit these in a few months and remake them better and stronger to wear at Comic-Con in San Diego. Plush I want to get our friend Shannon in on the awesomeness. I would love to make her into a sexy Rorschach or a third Silk Spectre. When that happens you know I will definitely share the journey.

Oh and I promise promise I’ll get pictures up of the construction soon…Cesar and I have both been very busy so we havent had a chance to upload them. But its the weekend and we can relax so I’ll probably have them up by Monday. Hopefully by then we will also have some pics of the final product!

<3 seanalyn

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