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knitted hats at Comic Con


seanalyn has posted about sweet nerdtastic knitted beanies & hats before.  but now they have emerged at the largest nerdfest in America!  i saw a couple booths full of homemade knitted goodies made by proud domestic geeks.

i cannot even fathom the amount of time and dedication it took to create these beautiful masterpieces!


unfortunately, none of the designers  are very technologically savvy.  no websites have been launched yet. hopefully my inquires have sparked interest in starting one or putting the3 leftovers from Comic Con on!

in the meantime, if you are looking for a way to market your knitted creations, maybe taking it to a con near you is the way to go!  if you do though, make sure to make them accessable via internets as well! :)

<3 kt

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