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pizza box plates!

check out this incredibly easy green way to conserve by using a pizza box to eat your pizza, brought to you by!

I actually do this all the time when we order pizza: simply tear the box in half, divide the pizza in two, and eat it right off the cardboard. (It helps that I’m a voracious eater and can consume, at minimum, half a pizza in a sitting.) Green Box pizza box is a far more elegant solution that serves four and doesn’t require you consume a whole pizza …

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DIY Recycled Shipping Envelope

Continuing with the Earth Day DIY theme heres a way to utilize your excess paper and plastic bags and save a little cash (take that FedEx!).

Shopping Bag to Shipping Envelope

Eco Etsy is dedicated to Etsy sellers who reuse and recycle to make their products, in this tutorial they show how to make a very easy eco-friendly shipping envelope. All you need to make your own envelope is a brown paper bag, a plastic bag, some scissors and a sewing machine. Click here for step by step instructions.

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DIY Mini Tin Gardens

If you hadnt noticed already, today is Earth Day and in honor of this here is an eco friendly way to brighten up your day.

DIY Mini Tin Gardens

Kate Pruitt shows how you can turn some Altoid tins and some other bits of stuff you might have lying around the house into some very zen little rock and plant gardens. Perfect to brighten up your work desk or add some positive energy to any room of your house.

[link via Current]

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Mud powered clock

As many of you know my passion for domesticity and geekiness is rivaled only by my passion for eco friendly technology and the environment. Well today I found something that combines all 3 of my passions into one amazing product.

Timeless Garden by Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi

This clock uses the mud to react electrochemically with metal terminals in a recycled plastic container and powers the clock while you grow grass or herbs on top. Its a seamless integration of eco friendly technology and domestic appliance chic. It also a way to bring some of the beauty of outdoors inside while being functional. Sadly there seems to be no release date or price on this product yet, but as soon as it hits the shelves I would love to get my paws on one.

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[link via EcoGeek]

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