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Tetris Dress!

Earlier today my friend Kaitlen sent me a link to a dress that she was confident I would love…and she was right.

Teris Dress

Erin who blogs about her sewing projects on A Dress a Day just put up this amazing and adorable gaming themed dress. How adorable is it? I love the 50s cut of the dress and the simple yet beautiful Tetris pattern. This is certainly not Erin’s first geeky chic masterpiece, many of you will remember her adorable Darth Vader Dress.


Paint By Numbers Dress

Remember those paint by numbers books you had as a kid? Well now you can paint by numbers….on your clothing. Clothing designer Berber Soepboer has created a dress that lets you do just this.

Colour-In Dress

The dress created in conjunction with graphic designer Michiel Schuurman is made so that the buyer can use textile pens to fill in the colors in any way they want which can create an infinite number of patterns and styles. Soepboer’s other design work is similar in that it encourages the wearer to be creative and unique modding their clothing as they see fit.

“Life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time.
When everything is still possible the world seems an incredible place.
I translate these endless possibilities in my design.
A start to realize the ultimate dream in daily life.”

Personally, Im in love with this dress and the whole concept behind it. Not only is the idea of creating a unique and beautiful dress intriguing but the cut and pattern of the dress is just phenomenal. I would love to leave it mostly black and white with just pops of color to create a new pattern. You can purchase the dress from Soepboer’s webpage by clicking here. It retails at 238 Euros and will include the textile pens. Its time to take fashion into your own hands!

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