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pack veggies & dip together!

i am always looking for easier ways to pack lunches and especially veggies to snack on.  i just love this easy idea of combining the dip and veggies into one convenient packaging!

We all strive to eat more vegetables during our day-to-day adventures, but there’s something slightly lackluster about opening your bag or container to find just six sad little carrot sticks. Dips can be messy and usually require more than one container, but not if you store them together!

It wasn’t until a friend looked at us strangely for our snacking setup that it occurred to us that not everyone does this! So we thought we’d pass along our small tip that’s kept us snacking happily on carrots without packing extra bulk in our bags. Each day we pack a little mason jar filled with veggies and dip (this one happens to be Tofu, Bean and Basil) to carry with us throughout the day. Because there’s no extra packaging for the dip, it makes it easy to carry and easy to eat without the need for utensils. Plus, we trust the mason jar to keep its contents inside! We usually pack sturdy vegetables such as carrots and celery or broccoli and cauliflower — just make sure to cut your pieces into as long of shapes as you can for easy eating! Having the dip on hand makes the traditional vegetable snack a bit more fun and packs a little more punch for our palates. Any extra dip can simply be added to for the next day when you refill your jar!

<3 kt

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