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In Soviet Latvia, Design Makes You!

Living in San Francisco, Ive become accustomed to the fact that space is a luxury so organizing your apartment to maximize the space is key. Latvian designer Stanislav Katz who I partially love just for being Latvian, but mostly love for his incredibly stylish and practical designs. My favorite which is this amazing lounge bookshelf combo that would be just incredible in any SoMa loft.

Not much wider than a full Ikea Billy bookshelf, this painfully hip combo ozes with style. Bonus points for the hot pink and black color combo…its my weakness.

Bomb lamps…just let that sink in for a second. how awesome would it be to have a series of these hanging from your ceiling?! Pretty damn awesome thats for sure! Again, so painfully hip my belt turned white reading looking at them.

A clock inspired by a paper fan. Again so hip it hurts.

Ultra bonus points because the website’s tag is “In Soviet Latvia, Design Makes You!”

Get on with your bad Latvian self Stanislav!

Nintendo Wall Decals!

I know my blogging has been a bit slow, but its been a busy busy week at work, however I do have the most exciting news to share with everyone today. Blik the infamous wall decal makers have finally launched their official line of Nintendo wall decals! So now you can turn any room in your house into a level from Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, or New Super Mario Bros.

How awesome is that??!

Each kit costs $75 and contains 3 sheets of decals for a total of 25 movable pieces (yes you can peel and re-stick them if you get bored with the design)

In my opinion, the OG Mario and Donkey Kong are the best because I just feel the flat 2D design works best on a flat wall…but still, all of them are equally awesome!

I was already planning on ordering the bamboo sticker set for my bedroom, but now Im thinking of adding Donkey Kong to the order to decorate my bathroom walls.

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