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Hangover recipes

As I’ve mentioned tis the season for parties and drinking…each day I see my fallen comrades trudging around wearily with sunglasses on over their bloodshot eyes cursing the day. Yes your initial instinct is to painfully drag yourself down the street for a greasy breakfast burrito….but when youve got a hangover grease isn’t necessarily the best idea. You want to fill your stomach and replenish lost nutrients and liquids from the night before (sorry there is no way to replace lost dignity though). Heres some tasty and healthy hangover recipes that wont require too many brain cells to execute.

Fit and Fabulous Pancakes

Whole grain oats, egg whites, a banana and vanilla or some nuts for extra flavor is all you need to make quick and tasty pancakes to fill your battered stomach.

Poached Eggs for a Hangover

Simple and easy which is what you need when your brain is barely functioning. Poached eggs are also far more healthy than greasy scrambled eggs or an omlete. Bonus is the sauce includes pickle juice which is a popular hangover cure in Poland because pickle juice is full of minerals!

Chicken Menudo

For me hearty spice filled soups have always been the best hangover cure. This recipe is a little more difficult than the previous two, but once you cut up everyone all you do is simmer and wait. Menudo is usually done with pork or beef but chicken is more healthy and provides plenty of hangover relief.

Anchovy and Potato Gratin

As odd as it sounds, this Scandinavian dish is a great hangover cure because you combine starch and anchovies. Im not really sure why anchovies cure a hangover but its been a tip I’ve heard over and over.

So there are a couple quick recipes you can try out next time you throw back a few too much at a holiday party. As far as drinks go your best bet is a Coke on ice (real Coke not diet), some Gatorade and lots and lots of water. A simple banana smoothie wouldnt hurt either. Watch out for drinking too much caffeine though as that will dehydrate you even more. But your best bet is lots of water and some rest. If anyone has any hangover cures I would love to hear them!

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