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Internet Cross Stitch Sampler

If youve never heard of a sampler, it is basically a swatch of fabric embroidered to show a level of skill and difficulty. Samplers were once used to show a level of skill, obedience and virtue in women letting suitors know that they were suitable for marriage. Today samplers are made to….well be samples of your craft. Well some crafty internet gals have devised a sampler with a geeky Internet twist to it.

How cute is that? I love the icons and emoticon border, this certainly shows a high level of skill and nerdiness.

[link via Current]

<3 seanalyn

Birdo Cross-Stitch WTF

My good friend Jenn posted up an amazing find on her blog today.

Birdo Cross-Stitch WTF

First of all someone cross-stitched Birdo…thats weird enough as it is. Secondly, they put WTF on there which ads to the overall oddly awesomeness of this piece. Its also frighteningly well done, my grandma would be impressed.

Oh and Jenn wrote a haiku to go along with it…

Rosy dinosaur
Cannon-faced genderbender
Put a ring on it

Could today get any better? I think not!

[link via Infinite Lives]

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