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Urban knitting graffiti

Knitta please! Move over spray cans and markers, theres a new form of graffiti in town and its showing the softer side of tagging.

Deputy Dog posted a blog about a new trend called knitting/crocheting graffiti. Basically crafty yarn wielders are taking to the streets with their scrap yarn and creating public works of textile art.

“Knitta began in August 2005, when the soon-to-be-Knittas were discussing their frustration over unfinished knitting projects: half-knitted sweaters and balls of yarn gathering dust. That afternoon, they knit their first door handle. Then it dawned on them… a tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings.”

To learn more about this trend and see videos of these renegade knitters in action, check out the website Knitta Please

I think I know a few statues around town that could use a warm fuzzy scarf!

[link via Current]

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Zombies and ninjas and sackboys OH MY!

I was at Borders the other day and came across a crochet book that made me want to pick a hook up on the spot.

Creepy Cute Crochet

Heres a few of the projects from the book…

Corporate Zombie


Little Death

Theres a ton more of these cute little creatures all which are all done in the style of amigurumi. I like them especially because they remind me of Sack Boy from LittleBigPlanet! Im sure many of you remember the homemade Sack Boy that popped up online a while back.

I stumbled across a pattern that you can purchase on Etsy to make your very own!

Its a little off (primarily just in the hands) but with a little tweaking I think it would be perfect! And imagine all the cute little sack clothes you could make for it!

EDIT- it says the pattern on Etsy is sold out but you could probably message the seller and negotiate purchasing it still.

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