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Ink Cartridge Chandeliers

Ever wondered what to do with leftover printer cartridges? Probably not, like most people, you probably just disposed of them and went about your day. Well, I bet you never thought of turning them into a chandelier! But, apparently one crafty Etsy seller has!

Check out Boxlightbox’s Etsy store to see all their fun cartridge lamps and chandeliers ranging from $35 to $100.

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ASCII Curtains

For the truly geeky who want their domicile to reflect their geeky heart consider these elegant ASCII curtains.

I cannot read Dutch so dont ask me where this is coming from or how much it costs. It appears to be from a Dutch design house called N.Sybrandy and is meant to reflect a common thread in all of us both in the natural image of the tree and in the ASCII language which is universal. All I really know is that it is awesome.

<3 seanalyn

Motherboard dishtowel

I love stumbling across other domestic geeks on the internet, it lets me know that our mission to take over the world with Space Invader shaped doilies will one day come to fruition. So this morning when I came across a fine example of domestic geekery my heart swelled with joy. Behold…

The Motherboard Dishtowel

This embroidered dish towel was made by former electronic manufacturer Shawnee of Life With Monkey. Honestly who doesnt love the intricate and beautiful designs on a motherboard? This is a lot chicer than my grandmother’s embroidered kitten pillows! (Sorry Grams, but its true! make those robo-kitties and I’ll reconsider).

[link via Geek Sugar]

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