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Geeky bento

Im always talking about how its easy to find geeky game themed baked goods, but its rare to find savor geekness. Well one clever foodie has mastered the art of geeky savory foods in a very classic and fun way…bento boxes!

Im sure many of have heard of her but for those that havent,AnnaTheRed of Anna The Red’s Bento Boxes has an amazing blog where she not only displays her creations but also her sketches and describes the process of creating her culinary masterpieces. She does everything from video games, to anime, to comics and everything in between. Here are a few of my favorites.

Robot from Penny Arcade

Headcrabs from Half-Life


Where the Wild Things Are (1)

Where the Wild Things Are (2)

Battlestar Galactica Cylons

Tingle from Zelda

And you know whats awesome? These are all just from the first two pages on blog posts! This girl is a bento genius! Shes definitely giving me some inspiration for my own.

<3 seanalyn

Amazing gaming bento boxes

My friend Jenn over at Infinite Lives pointed me towards the most amazing bento boxes ever. These boxes were made by Derek Lieu by his girlfriend…what a lucky guy!

Super Smash Bros Brawl

The detailing is just stunning! Apparently the Yoshi egg is an actual quail egg!

I also absolutely LOVE the Katamari one.

Seriously! Look at the Prince! Its too cute to eat! My heart exploded into rainbows and unicorns just looking at it.

To check out more of these amazing bento boxes including some adorable anime ones, go to the Flickr gallery.

[link via Infinite Lives]

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