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bacon, bacon, and more bacon!

okay, we all know that seanalyn is a bacon freak!  well, i found the most incredible breakfast in a bag!

wake up to a delicious aroma of maple bacon pancakes!  you can buy the mix at this website.  there slogan is ‘bacon is the meat candy,’ which clearly portrays their dedication to the decadent slab of pork.  they have a whole section of their website dedicated to their passion for bacon.

other notable products include the glorious concept of bacon jerky! with tons of different flavors, including cajun and blt tomato bacon jerky, the opportunities are endless!

Bacon fans of the world, we have created the first ever bacon jerky.  You heard me right, I didn’t say
beef jerky, I said Bacon Jerky!  I am sure that all you true bacon aficionados are already drooling
uncontrollably as your internal tasting mechanisms know that bacon jerky will be able to satisfy your
daily bacon urges on go.  No longer are you limited to eating bacon at home, you can now take our
pouches with you and eat bacon at work, school or simply as a great snack no matter where you are
at anytime throughout your day.

my favorite part of this site is they have bacon gift baskets! you can get the ‘bacon freak basket,’ ‘bacon lunch box,’ or ‘swine and wine!’  these clever gift ideas are sure to knock your meat loving socks off!

last but not least, if you are obsessed with bacon, you can join their ‘bacon club!’  for a monthly membership of $47, you can receive the following:

*** 2 packages of uniquely distinct & delectably delicious packs of premium quality, gourmet,
“Blue Ribbon Winning” bacon delivered to your door each month.
*** Our fun, informative & highly valuable Monthly Newsletter with helpful hints, articles & Special
“Members Only” discounts, above & beyond our normal regularly great prices!
*** Interesting & insightful information regarding each of the months specially “Featured” bacons!

i guess i know what i am getting seanalyn for her upcoming birthday!!!

<3 kt


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