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Dead plushie wall decorations

I was trolling around on ShanaLogic earlier today and came across the most amazing home decor ever.

Plush-kill Wall series

These handmade wall decorations are the perfect mix of adorable plushiness and redneck kitsch.

About this piece: The unicorn is extremely hard to hunt and kill (maybe it’s her rare powers that makes her such a challenge!). She can be attracted to malt liquor and magicians so if you can get both together at once, you’re sure to attract one!

Size: 12″ x 8″ wide wooden backing
Materials: Fleece, wood, felt, polyfil stuffing, trim, LOVE

Other animals include Spring Deer, Berrycorn, Bunny, Mouse and Ewe and cost about $80 each.

<3 seanalyn

Tetris kitchen

Ive written about Tetris home geekery before (here and here) but I think Ive finally found the ultimate in Tetris domestic goodness. Behold….

Tetris Kitchen

Maybe this has been posted around the net before so pardon me if this is a late pass..but its new to me! Besides, something this awesome needs reposting. Inspired by the classic shapes of Tetris and the need for efficient clean space, designer June He created this geometric masterpiece. The kitchen is basically transformed into a jewelry box in which all the pieces pull out into place and hide away so it looks like a sleek tile wall when not in use.

The tiles could also be changed color wise to reflect whatever scheme you would like. I for one and such a fan of this because living in an urban area like San Francisco, space becomes a luxury…yet at the same time I am unwilling to give up a large kitchen in order to obtain more living room space. This design allows for both kitchen space and open room all with an effortlessly cool and minimalist appeal. Unfortunately this design is still in prototype, but when I hit the lottery and built my dream flat, you can bet my kitchen will look like this.

<3 seanalyn

The solution to stinky garlic hands

The other day I got some products from Rochelle Rose in the mail. Im always a fan of anything handmade that uses natural ingredients, especially body products because they seem to dry my skin out less than the chemical packed popular brands so I was excited to try out this product. What I was most excited about was their Kitchen Cafe Soap which boasted the ability to remove tough cooking odors like garlic, fish and onion from your hands.

Well I love cooking, especially with ingredients like garlic and onion that quite often leave me smelling like garlic bread for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of garlic…other people don’t seem to like it so much and the smell especially does not play nicely with my other perfumes and lotions (garlic and orchid do not smell good together). Ive tried all the tricks to get rid of tough smells like garlic, but none really seem to work that well.

So last night I decided to put Rochelle Rose’s Cafe Kitchen Soap to the test, and not just any test, but the most hardcore test of scent elimination imaginable….Thai Green Seafood Curry. I love making curries but between the onion, garlic, seafood and curry powder, they are the ultimate in stinking up your hands. The curry was delicious, one of the best I’ve ever made but as usual, I had curry hands. So I gave them a quick rinse with the Cafe Kitchen Soap and I was shocked, not a hint of garlic or curry remained! Now granted I don’t have the greatest sense of smell so I used Cesar as a gauge and even he couldn’t detect a hint of garlic. I even crushed some garlic and rubbed it on my hands just to see how good the soap was and it still removed any trace of garlic.

Needless to say Im hooked. The Cafe Kitchen Soap has a happy home in my kitchen window right above the sink. What’s especially nice about the soap is that even though it has a strong spiced coffee smell when you sniff it, it doesn’t leave your hands smelling overly pungent. In fact, the smell is quite subtle and dissipates fairly soon after leaving you with fresh aroma free hands.

Like all of Rochelle Rose’s products, the Cafe Kitchen Soap is made with all natural ingredients including fresh brewed coffee (there’s even some actual coffee beans in the soap! How awesome is that?!). It retails at $6.00 a bar and can be purchased online or in a few select stores. In my opinion this is definitely a must buy for anyone who frequently cooks with smelly ingredients.

The other products I sampled were the Citron Soap and the Mandarin Yuzu Lotion. Both were lovely with mild scents, plus the rustic look of the Citron Soap looks great in my bathroom soap dish.

To learn more about all of Rochelle Rose’s products and order your own bar of soap check out their webpage!

<3 seanalyn

Orla Kiely coming to a Target near you!

first of all, i love Orla Kiely.  she’s classic, bold, and girlie!  all of these products will be hitting the shelves of Target the first week of February!

secondly, i love Target!  everytime i near that bullseye logo, my heart races, and i get butterflies in my stomach.  like a kinda obsessive crush in middle school, i love me some Target.  living in downtown SF, where Corporate America has been banned by this liberal city, i have no way to calm my addiction.  the online store doesn’t give you the same satisfaction of walking into that huge red warehouse.  my favorite are the Super Targets, where you can get everything you need and more!  originally from Minnesota, where Target originated, i have been a dedicated fan all my life.

Things I like but will never be able to buy

I was trolling around Generate Design pining and drooling over their home decor products so I thought I would share some of the most ridiculously awesome and ridiculously expensive products.

Ghost Tree Coat Rack

This is one of the most organic subtlety beautiful coat racks Ive ever seen. Its also has one of the most ridiculous price tags Ive ever seen at $1,999.00! I think I’ll save my money and chop down a birch tree instead.

Easy Chair

Remember those awesome stacking chairs we all use as school children? Yeah those were uncomfortable but totally sweet. Now imagine them in a rainbow of awesome colors….and priced at $549.00 each. I’ll stick to my fond memories thank you.

Index Chopping Board

Not only is this a chic and gorgeous design, but its incredibly practical and good sanitation! Chopping boards can easily soak up juices especially raw meat juice and no matter how much you wash you often can’t fully remove it. This product puts an end to nasty juice cross contamination…but for a hefty price of $79.00.

Tab A/B

I dont even smoke and I want this! Hell I’ll let my smoker friends smoke in my house just because this is the most gorgeous ash tray Ive ever seen! But design comes with a price….this one happens to be $89.00.

LTB Illuminated Sink

I’ve always wanted to rave in my bathroom….but I’ll have to stick with dumping glowsticks down the sink since Im not ready to drop $249.00 to rave on.

Play Table

This coffee table is basically one big slide puzzle with the empty space revealing one of 6 storage areas. Awesome in so many ways…but I wont be storing any money in this thing since it retails at $7,599.00.

I could go on for hours about the gorgeous ridiculously expensive things that I will never purchase from this site…but I have work to do and presents to wrap!

Unusual and funky sofas

Toxel recently posted a blog of Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs and I thought I would share some of them with you as well as a few additions if found myself.

Sofa Box

I love that this looks so industrial and rockstar when folded up

Swiming Pool Sofa

So impractical and simultaneously so awesome

Car Sofa

Made in the 1960s and still ridiculously cool

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Finally I can achieve my dream of living in a sea anemone like Nemo!

The Climbing Sofa

For those of you that have reeealllllyyyy tiny apartments…this would certainly save some space.

Sitscape Sofa

Im not totally sure how you sit on this sofa…but it looks amazing.

Behind the Wall Sofa

This sofa actually frightens me terribly.

And last but DEFINITELY not least…

Lego Sofa

Build your own sofa dammit! You buy the bricks individually and construction your own cushioney wonder. I want this so badly I cannot even describe it…but my friend Jenn can! Her comment was “it’s cute and it looks like all the nubbins would be great spots to put your pabst.” hehe

Unconventionally awesome shower curtains

I dont know why I woke up this morning thinking about shower curtains….I dont even have one! (we have a glass shower door). But I decided to take to the internet and look up the weirdest most fabulously awesome shower curtains and this is what I came up with.

Serial Killer Shower Curtain

For those with a Hitchcokian fetish these are pretty damn awesome. Would go nicely with some red towels.

Zelda Triforce Curtain

Hand painted by a seller on ebay (only a few more days left on the auction!) its a simple and geeky way to spice up your bathroom. This seller has tons of other hand painted curtains including this awesome Batman silhouette curtain.

Periodic Table of Elements Curtain

I could never get this curtain simply because I would spend about an hour in the shower looking up all the ingredients in my shampoo.

Unikko Shower Curtains

Ok I really just like these because they make me think of LocoRoco.

Weather Cycle Shower Curtain

More educational shower curtains! Who knew? Ok so Im sure all of us know the weather cycle by now…but it still makes for an awesome childlike shower curtain.

Dinosaurs Curtain

Because dinosaurs are fucking awesome and screw you if you disagree! PS- Why is there a penguin in a dinosaur costume in the Triassic row??

Edamame body pillow

Dear my boyfriend, friends and family,

Christmas is coming up and if you love me you will buy me this.

Edamame Body Pillow

Before I even clicked on the description of the pillow I thought “this is pointless unless it has little edamame pods you can pop out.”  Well my dreams where answered when I read the description

“Each pillow has 3 “soybean” pods filled with polyester fiberfill.”‘

Mmmm polyester fiberfill. I cant wait to snuggle up next to this and play with my perpetual edamame popper key chain.

By the way if you live in the Bay Area and love edamame make sure to stop by The Citrus Club. They have the most amazing garlic edamame….Im drooling on my keyboard just thinking about it! One day I’ll figure out the recipe and share it with you all….or just keep it to myself and eat garlic edamame until I pop.

Best Best Video Game Ornaments

As promised in yesterday Best Worst Video Game Ornaments heres a list of decorations for your tree that most likely wont make you cringe! Yet again…no particular order ;)

Mini NES Console and Controllers Ornament

This itty bitty clay pile of cuteness made by Etsy seller TheClayCollection specializes in SUPER tiny detailed creations. Their NES ornament is great because its incredibly accurately detailed and has just the right touch of holiday flare. Sadly this specific one sold out, but if you look at the seller’s store they have other itty bitty gaming ornaments and jewelry including the tiniest Playstation boxes youve ever seen.

Hallmark Pac-Man Arcade Ornament

ITS A MINI ARCADE CABINET!!! It lights up and plays sounds from the original arcade game!!! Do I even need to explain why this is so awesome?!

Circuitboard Heart Ornament Set

For the PC gamer in your life who is a romantic at heart these are simple but cute matching ornaments. They also come in more traditional Christmas shapes like tree, star and bell.

Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble

Ok so first of all these arent technically ornaments…but you could easily slip a hook on the top of them. These are needle felted creations by Etsy seller PoorLulu. She has many other adorable felted retro gaming creations like Toad, Yoshi, and Mario. Dont look a the Princess Peach tho…something went terribly wrong there….but its not her fault because needle felting delicate details like Princess Peach has is SUUUUUPER hard. Still the rest are spot on and super adorable.

Mario Star Christmas Hanger

Simple, classic and cute. Yet another Etsy seller, Spugmeistress creates cute 8-bit creations using hama beads (we all made something with those when we were a kid!). I love this Mario Star because its a classic Christmas shape but still video game relates….plus it glows in the dark!!

So what have we learned with these two posts? First of all Etsy > Cafepress….I think thats plainly obvious. Second, when it comes to video game decorations, keep them simple, iconic and retro. Don’t try to force it with some “hip gamer slang” because then it just comes off fake….stick with icons as they already exist….they are iconic for a reason ;)

Best Worst Video Game Ornaments

So today I got in the holiday spirit and purchased a mini hot pink sparkly Christmas tree and decorated it with some brightly colored stars. I couldnt help but wonder if there were some video game ornaments I could purchase for it….sadly the ornaments I found online we less than awesome. Here are my 5 Best Worst Video Game Ornaments (in no particular order).

Personalized Clay Gamer Ornaments

Words cannot describe how truly hideous these things are. Im not sure what kind of controller these kids are playing with but I can only imagine that it is the result of some NES controller developing a malignant tumor. That being said these kids look like they have face tumors. I dub this the tumor ornament!

Gamer Ball

Im not going to even write anything for this one myself…rather I will just copy the description from the site becuase it is far more funny than anything I could ever write.

“this 3″ ornament features several tongue-in-cheek phrases as well as the title Video Gamer printed in ravishing red along a smooth pearl surface.
Phrases include:
I’m taking it to the next level
Don’t worry… I have extra lives
My thumbs are in great shape
My goal… 100% completion
I wish life had cheat codes
Eat… Sleep… Play games… Repeat”

I Am A Video Game Champion

I love cafepress…it allows anyone with a photo editing program to make truly hideous creation that no one would want to purchase. Now parents everywhere can embarrass and further alienate their 13 year old level 75 Mage.

Video Game Master! Personalized Christmas Ornament

Little Edward here is so good at games he can play them with his eyes closed! Use the force Edward! The force!

Got Game?

Ok its almost too easy to make fun of cafepress items…its like shooting fish in a barrel. But I just couldn’t pass this one up, especially with the unlicensed Xbox rings rip off. I do give them points for their amazing Want To Play Scrabble Moose though.

Thankfully during my search I did stumble across a few adorably cute video game ornaments…but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for those ;)

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