Where the Wild Things Are cake!

i want this!  i am not on this caliber of cake constructing yet, but perhaps next year…

from coco cake’s blog:

Fun fun times! Moishe, the yellow eyed monster dude from “Where The Wild Things Are“, was the request for today’s cake of the day. Chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream covered in fondant, and Coco Cake’s rendition of Moishe’s hilarious face.

To make Moishe, first I baked, cooled and frosted (with peppermint buttercream) a 7 inch chocolate layer cake. Next I covered the cake with white fondant for a smooth finish. Next I made the eyeballs, nose and teeth using fondant. Then I used food coloring to transform the icy cool white buttercream into two colors of “hair.” Using a “grass” frosting tip, I mixed the two frosting colors in the same bag, then piped the hair onto Moishe’s face, making sure to give him long bangs that poke into his eyeballs– just like me!!! Because Moishe has a stripey shirt, I made sure the cake board was striped and the ribbon was striped too.


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