Gluten Free Tofu Noodles

As many of you know, I have a wheat intolerance meaning Im not allergic I just get bad stomach pains from wheat similar to those with lactose intolerance. So, Im always looking for alternatives to wheat…especially for things like noodles. The other day I saw a packet of tofu noodles in the health food section of the store and decided to give them a shot. Well, I have to say, I think Im in love.

Shirataki Noodles are made from blending the root of the Konnyaku (a member of the yam family) with tofu to create a firm yet still pliable texture. The noodles come already softened and soaking in water so they are good to go! Plus they are not only gluten free, but dairy free, sugar free and vegan….oh and they clock in at a mere 20 calories per serving. Not bad eh? This is probably the best guilt free pasta Ive found to date!

Last night for dinner, I whipped up a quick and tasty pasta using these noodles. All I did was roast some garlic and red peppers in the broiler until they were browned. Then in a pan I quickly sauteed some yellow squash with onions and salt and pepper. Finally I tossed in the pasta along with the roasted garlic and red peppers and cooked until the pasta was warm. It was incredibly easy, tasty and totally guilt free ;)

tofu pasta leftovers for lunch!

tofu pasta leftovers for lunch!


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