Super Marios Bros. Evening Wear!

We’ve all the seen the plethora of awesome and adorable Super Mario themed clothing, but how about some fancy runway worth evening wear?

Craftster user montyfull designed these back in 2007 for her senior show for design school and Ive got to say Im quite impressed with the mix of chic silhouettes and the playfulness of the Mario theme.

A nintendo garter?! How hot is that?!

The Toads have never looked more stylish!

A mighty couture bob-omb dress.

A front shot of the magnificent Mario dress which features a handmade head applique which according to montyfull took over 80 hours of work! She calls it her opus….and rightfully so!

As an added bonus, she took a 1-up mushroom appliqué off one of the dresses and attached it to her graduation cap…certainly fitting ;)

On the thread on craftster where montyfull posted these awesome pictures, she had this to say…

“So I’m a fashion major. Graduated in 2007, and just NOW got around to uploading pics of my stuff! I’m an avid gamer for life. Shooters, RPGs, PC, nintendo, Xbox… I’ll play anything if I can afford it. I also don’t like to take myself too seriously, so I decided that my senior collection was going to be mario eveningwear. Ya know, lots of sequins, duchess satin, chiffon, coupled with the crazy icons we know and love.”

All I can say is you’d better sign up for Project Runway girl! Give us geeky fashion loving girls everywhere a hero to root for!

[link via GeekSugar]

<3 seanalyn


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