Cornmeal Crusted Whitefish

I love fish and am always looking for new ways to make tasty easy healthy fish. So the other night after long day and a long workout, I decided to cook up some Dover Sole fillets I had chilling in my fridge. Being tired, I didnt want to slave over the stove so I decided to use my ol friend the oven. I also had some leftover cornmeal that wasnt enough for making dough so I decided to try a spicy cornmeal crust and it turned out so delicious and so easy.

Cornmeal Crusted Whitefish

BTW this isnt the actual fish I made, Im getting a new camera next week so I’ll finally be able to take pics again!!


2 Fillets of any whitefish (sole, tilapia, basa swai, etc)
Red pepper flakes
Garlic salt

Mix all the spices (not including the cornmeal) together until it has a nice robust and spicy flavor. Unfortunately I didnt exactly measure the spices but it was mostly cumin and paprika with a healthy sprinkle of the peppers and salt. I rubbed the fishes on both sides with the spice rub and placed them on a lightly oiled pan. On the side facing up I gave it a healthy coating of the cornmeal until the fish was fully covered on the top. After this I gave it one last sprinkle of salt and pepper before popping it into a 400 degree oven and baked for about 15 minutes until the fish was nice and crispy. I gave each fillet a squirt of lemon juice for a nice addition of citrus and served them as fish tacos.

See nice and easy huh? Its all about playing with the spices until you find a nice flavor, you could even change it up by adding chiptole, curry or any other flavor profiles that you like. Just make sure you play with the flavors BEFORE you add them on the fish that way you can taste as you go along ;)

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