make and take ovenproof dishen

okay, i do A LOT of entertaining.  every Wednesday, i visited my good friend, Skip, to watch our favorite tv show, LOST!  i always bring over dinner to enjoy while we watch our show.  usually, i prepare the meal beforehand.  getting these dishes would make my life a LOT more simpler!!!

Chantal® Make & Take™ Green Living On The Go

We’ve paired the eco-friendly beauty and oven-to-table functionality of our Pure collection with the convenience of spill-proof, stay-put ceramic lids for truly portable green living. Each lid features a removable, BPA-free silicone gasket that keeps foods fresh and easy to transport. Make & Take pieces are great for marinating, braising, or storing food, even in the freezer. Plus, this innovative collection lets you write directly on any of the glazed areas with a permanent marker, so you can label or decorate your dish as you wish! The ink won’t come off on your hands or other surfaces, but washes off easily in warm, soapy water. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, this collection really works for on-the-go lifestyles. Give the gift of green living with Chantal Make & Take!

they retail anywhere between $19.99-69.99!  get them here.

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