Citrus Juicers: The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

As Im sure many of you have noticed, I am a self admitted Target whore. From their Go International clothing to the home decor and kitchen gadgets, I love Tar-jay. Recently I picked up a little device that Ive been meaning to pickup for a while, a citrus juicer!

Lemon Squeezer

How did I ever live without this thing?! I’ve been using my muscle and a fork all these years barely getting juice but still managing to get a dozen seeds into whatever I was cooking. I was concerned that I would have to use a lot of muscle to get the juice out but surprisingly I had to apply very little pressure. Plus it had a nice weight to it and didnt feel cheap like some of the plastic ones Ive played around with. Definitely worth picking up if you use citrus in the kitchen.

But now Im thinking I need something more, I need to maximize my citrus juicing experience…

Double Lime Juicer

Behold, the double barrel lime juicer…twice the juice twice as fast! Ok, I actually dont see the point behind this one because it will just take up more space in your drawer and disperse the juice, which isnt so good when you are trying to squeeze it into a glass. Also it looks like some weird Medieval torture device that you’d squish a guys ahem…jewels in.

I also came across this little gem…

The Citrus Trumpet

Never have I even heard of a Citrus Trumpet and I think I know why, it sounds and looks ridiculous.

No more juice squirted into your eye! Simply insert into a lemon, lime or orange and pour as needed! Stainless steel construction. Great for adding flavor to seafood.

Ok how does this thing work? Does the juice just come pouring out or do you have to squeeze it like a stress ball? Im not really sure. Does squirting juice on seafood really negate spending a whole $5 to make my fruit look lame? Maybe….

Next up isnt exactly a juicer but rather a citrus saver

Lemon-Lime Saver

The point of this product is to keep your sliced citrus fresh for days. I love this because often I dont need a whole lemon or lime (especially when making drinks!) and the rest ends up hardening and going bad very quickly in my fridge. Plus how cute are they?

Juicer + racism =

Pinkberry Mandarin Citrus Juicer

I really dont know what to say about this one….just a bit offensive I feel. I mean, I get what they are going for, but its just not quite coming across right.

<3 seanalyn


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