Watchmen Cosplay Crunch: Day 3

Sorry for not updating with pictures of progress yet, the boy has not uploaded my photos (stare impatiently while tapping foot). Anyways, so for now you shall have to rely on my vivid descriptions and your imagination.

Last night I finally started on my costume, I should know never to assume something will be easy because that always bites me in the ass. The fabric ended up being incredibly difficult to work with (both sewing and cutting) and somehow I screwed the arms up and had to pull and restitch one arm about 5 times. I eventually got it ok…they arent perfect and shoulders are a bit off but it will have to do for tonight (my wig will cover the shoulders anyways). Unfortunately that set me back quite a bit so Im left with a fair amount to do as quick as I can tonight before rushing over to line up.

Left to do:

Katie’s corset and choker- I had to pull the stitches on this one and start again because I messed up the hem….doh!
My choker
My wrist bands
Fix Katie’s neckline – I wasnt pleased with how it turned out so I need to quickly adjust it
Hem Katie’s skirt
Clean threads and extra fabric from my costume
Make earring (this is lowest priority really)
Make my belt/tie

So thats quite a lot to do and I will only have an hour or so…Im honestly a little nervous here but I will do my best! Im also worried because the fabric Im using for my outfit tears easily….I dont want to end up naked halfway through the movie! So I’ll bring a sewing kit and safety pins to try and keep it alive! Also it looks like it might down pour tonight…yay. Lets hope this all works out!

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