T-shirt panties!

On Current today I saw a link to an amazing how to guide for turning those extra t-shirts you have lying around into a cute pair of undies.

Cute huh? We all have piles of shirts that we cant wear for one reason or another (too big, too small, ripped, faded, etc) but you just dont want to get rid of because its a cool design or holds some sentimental value. Well with a little bit of elastic, a sewing machine and about 1 hour you can create cute bum covers out of your beloved tossed aside tees. The guide even describes how to alter the pattern to make boy-shorts, ruffled panties and swim suit bottoms.

Personally I have a giant pile of unused t-shirts (mostly oversized mens gaming t-shirts back from when I worked at 1UP.com)and a panty fetish, so you can bet Im going to be churning out some of these!

[link via Current]

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