Happy Hanukkah the geek way!

I realized today Ive been ignoring my Jewish friends with all my Christmas decoration talking…so first of all, Happy Hanukkah! Just for you, heres some of the greatest, geekiest and most deliciousness of Hanukkah!

The DIY Geek Menorah

For $10 you can purchase a kit to make this glowing wonder of geekery

Papercraft Droidel

A papercraft R2D2 dreidel?! Its doesnt get anymore geeky awesome than this! I should just stop the list now because this is win.

High Heeled Menorah

Religion and fashion…together at last

Cauliflower and Curry Latkes

Im a huge fan of latkes actually…but these sounds absolutely amazing and thanks to the cauliflower, extra healthy! I have a head of cauliflower in my fridge…me thinks this might make the menu for tonight’s dinner.

Eco Friendly Hanukkah Ideas

This recycled glass menorah is absolutely breathtaking and one of many ideas for greening up your Hanukkah a bit. I myself am trying to green up my Christmas by using newspaper to wrap all my gifts. I’ll post up pics tonight after I finish!

Dreidel Hustler String Doll

Im not sure what a Dreidel Hustler is but he sure is cute! A great creation from Pop Judaica

Menorah Cork

The thought of opening wine with fire scares me and intrigues me…also from Pop Judaica.

USB Hanukkah Bush

USB powered faith!

The Geek Yarmulke

The crowning (some pun intended) achievement of Hanukkah geekiness is this homemade geek yarmulke featuring several gadgets and icons of geekery. Truly amazing.

Happy Hanukkah everyone!


1 Response to “Happy Hanukkah the geek way!”

  1. 1 gray December 31, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    wow super nerdy, I know some people that would love that rjd2 dreidel.. remind me in a year please

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