Shrinky Dinks!!!!

About two weeks ago I was talking with Cesar about how I use to make ornaments every year for a tree when I was growing up. One of the most common types of ornaments I made were Shrinky Dinks. To my shock and horror he had never heard of Shrinky Dinks! I tried explaining their wonerfulness to him but to no avail.

Fast forward to lunch time today. I was in Borders waiting to check out when I glanced at their impulse buy rack and spotted a Creativity For Kids: Make Your Own Skrinky Dinks set!!

Free style Shrinky Dinking ftw!!! Most of the Shrinky Dinks I made as a kid were the stencil kind where you colored in a snow man or tree.

The Border’s checker pause and looked at the box when he was ringing me up and said “What on earth are Shrinky Dinks.” I stared with my mouth agape…was I the only one who used Shrinky Dinks growing up!?

Well just in case I’ll explain them to all of you just as I explained them to him…

Shrinky Dinks are pieces of plastic that you draw on then pop in the oven…the plastic shrinks up (hence the Shrinky) and leaves you with a small (hence the Dinky) thicker little plastic piece to attach to a necklace, bracelet, key-chain, etc or make into an ornament!

“Well whats the point?” asked the Borders employee.

Duh, the point is you get this tiny durable super detailed piece of awesomeness and everyone is like “woah where did you get that awesome velociraptor necklace?” and youlre like “pshaw I made it.”

Thats the point of Shrinky Dinks. I plan on Shrinky Dinking the shit out of my kit tonight, I’ll post my creations.

For those of you too lazy to go to a Borders or who don’t want to drop the $7 on a Shrinky Dink kit, heres a helpful page for making your own Shrinky Dinks using some plastic containers you probably have lying about the house. Also if you want an interesting idea for a cool Shrinky Dink project check out this guide to make adorable Shrinky Dink rings.


1 Response to “Shrinky Dinks!!!!”

  1. 1 Steph December 6, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    OMG! SHRINKY DINKS!!!!! That is so awesome. I love Shrinky Dinks! I can’t believe there are people who don’t know what they are, that’s so sad.

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