Unconventionally awesome shower curtains

I dont know why I woke up this morning thinking about shower curtains….I dont even have one! (we have a glass shower door). But I decided to take to the internet and look up the weirdest most fabulously awesome shower curtains and this is what I came up with.

Serial Killer Shower Curtain

For those with a Hitchcokian fetish these are pretty damn awesome. Would go nicely with some red towels.

Zelda Triforce Curtain

Hand painted by a seller on ebay (only a few more days left on the auction!) its a simple and geeky way to spice up your bathroom. This seller has tons of other hand painted curtains including this awesome Batman silhouette curtain.

Periodic Table of Elements Curtain

I could never get this curtain simply because I would spend about an hour in the shower looking up all the ingredients in my shampoo.

Unikko Shower Curtains

Ok I really just like these because they make me think of LocoRoco.

Weather Cycle Shower Curtain

More educational shower curtains! Who knew? Ok so Im sure all of us know the weather cycle by now…but it still makes for an awesome childlike shower curtain.

Dinosaurs Curtain

Because dinosaurs are fucking awesome and screw you if you disagree! PS- Why is there a penguin in a dinosaur costume in the Triassic row??


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