Best Best Video Game Ornaments

As promised in yesterday Best Worst Video Game Ornaments heres a list of decorations for your tree that most likely wont make you cringe! Yet again…no particular order ;)

Mini NES Console and Controllers Ornament

This itty bitty clay pile of cuteness made by Etsy seller TheClayCollection specializes in SUPER tiny detailed creations. Their NES ornament is great because its incredibly accurately detailed and has just the right touch of holiday flare. Sadly this specific one sold out, but if you look at the seller’s store they have other itty bitty gaming ornaments and jewelry including the tiniest Playstation boxes youve ever seen.

Hallmark Pac-Man Arcade Ornament

ITS A MINI ARCADE CABINET!!! It lights up and plays sounds from the original arcade game!!! Do I even need to explain why this is so awesome?!

Circuitboard Heart Ornament Set

For the PC gamer in your life who is a romantic at heart these are simple but cute matching ornaments. They also come in more traditional Christmas shapes like tree, star and bell.

Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble

Ok so first of all these arent technically ornaments…but you could easily slip a hook on the top of them. These are needle felted creations by Etsy seller PoorLulu. She has many other adorable felted retro gaming creations like Toad, Yoshi, and Mario. Dont look a the Princess Peach tho…something went terribly wrong there….but its not her fault because needle felting delicate details like Princess Peach has is SUUUUUPER hard. Still the rest are spot on and super adorable.

Mario Star Christmas Hanger

Simple, classic and cute. Yet another Etsy seller, Spugmeistress creates cute 8-bit creations using hama beads (we all made something with those when we were a kid!). I love this Mario Star because its a classic Christmas shape but still video game relates….plus it glows in the dark!!

So what have we learned with these two posts? First of all Etsy > Cafepress….I think thats plainly obvious. Second, when it comes to video game decorations, keep them simple, iconic and retro. Don’t try to force it with some “hip gamer slang” because then it just comes off fake….stick with icons as they already exist….they are iconic for a reason ;)


8 Responses to “Best Best Video Game Ornaments”

  1. 1 Kaitlen November 24, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    That’s funny–as soon as I read the title of the post, I thought, “Oh, I’ll have to tell her about Lulu’s Stabby Critters!” But you already mentioned them, so never mind. Still, I bought Afshin a Yoshi ornament from Poor Lulu last year and it’s adorable ( She’ll also take special orders. Am thinking a needle-felted Powerpuff Girls trio would be awfully cute….

  2. 2 seanalyn November 25, 2008 at 2:14 am

    haha how cute! I love the Yoshi sooo much!

    Powerpuff Girls would be awesome for sure. Have you ever done felting (lol it sounds like a dirty word)? I just tried it recently and its super fun…Poor Lulus work definitely inspires me to try some new stuff. :D

  3. 3 rach November 26, 2008 at 2:48 am

    thanks for the mention! there’s some awesome stuff here to be featured alongside :) glad etsy could help you recover from the monstrosities of cafepress ;)

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