Be careful when cooking!

Of course I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but when cooking make sure to be careful! I was making empanadas this weekend for a party when I took the tip off my left finger (see diagram).

Yeah I know, Im usually safe with knives, but I was cutting fast and using a knife I wasnt accustomed to. It was one of those REALLLLY sharp professional grade knives and yes, I know the sharper the knife the safer it actually is…..but this was just a bit too sharp for my taste…I mean my finger didnt even stand a chance! Im just glad I had my fingers angled properly or I wouldve lost a larger chunk. Anywho Im all bandaged up…but my domesticity will be slightly hindered for a bit (I have a special birthday dinner planned for my boyfriend on Wednesday, so it will be fun to see how that works out with my gimp finger. In addition to hindering my cooking and knitting…its also slowing my typing considerably, but I have a backlog of blogs in my noggin so I’ll try and get some of them up later today.

In the mean time enjoy this video on how to properly cut mushrooms and not take your finger off like I did!

How to Chop Mushrooms — powered by

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