Japanese fashion and fun knits!

One of the thing I fell in love with in Japan was the fashion. Not the crazy Harajuku style or the quasi creepy Lolita fashion…but the super chic and sexy style seen in areas Shibuya and Shinjuku. Its all about a looser top…often with frilly girly embellishments and a short skirt or booty shorts paired with either thigh high socks and or boots. Heres me wearing an outfit, most of which was purchased in Tokyo.

I was never super into the over sized tops because I always thought they made me look frumpy and fat, but while in Tokyo I realized that when paired with a cute skirt or booty short, they make me look taller and leaner. My favorite thing of all though, is the socks…I bought so many knee and thigh high socks and I still want more! They add a playful sexy element to any outfit AND make wearing shorts/skirts bearable in the San Francisco cold. So to hold over some of my sock urges, Ive tracked down some of the cutest free DIY sock knit patterns on the net. Perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of Tokyo to their wardrobe.

Thigh High Leggings

This adorable and simple pattern is free if you sign up with Lion brand yarn. You can even purchase multicolor yarn thats perfect for giving them a stripe effect and all the tools needed to create them.

Lolita Legs

Another free and easy pattern for creating some sexy retro fishnet inspired socks.


Heres a super cute simple sock pattern. I would love to do this in a bright color and pair them with a mid thigh length skirt.

Vine Lace Thigh High Sock Pattern

I love these classy and frilly socks and cant wait to knit them up and throw them on with a cute pair of booty shorts and a girly top. Edit- actually these cost $1.29…but thats pretty much nothing in exchange for such cuteness.

So there you have it, a few free cute sock patterns to try out for any of you looking to add a little flirty fun to your wardrobe.


1 Response to “Japanese fashion and fun knits!”

  1. 1 jennatar October 26, 2008 at 3:14 am

    YUM! These leggings are aMAYzing!

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