More fun with sharpies

A while back I posted a blog about a crafty homeworker who used a sharpie to turn her vinyl floor into a work of funky art.  Well looks like the sharpie redecorating has started to take off. A south Lexington man named, Charlie Kratzer, used $10 worth of Sharpies and Magic Markers to turn his basement into a funky subterranean habitat.

While at first glance it may seem like a bunch of doodles, in fact there are many hidden characters and references contained in the work.

“There’s Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. There is Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and the Cornell Law School, of which Kratzer is an alumnus. There is Kratzer’s dad. There is the harlequin pattern — alluded to in culinary culture today by the Panera bread bag — and a fake fireplace facing a real one.

There are both The Walrus and the Carpenter (from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There), and William Shakespeare. The Marx Brothers peer around a corner. A flip-top garbage can is transformed via marker art into Star Wars’ plucky little beeper R2D2.”

To read more about the Kratzer’s work and see an awesome video tour click here

[link via Current]


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