Homemade Acorn Flour

Recently I passed through my hometown of Bakersfield and immediately my allergies kicked into high gear. This time of year the key culprits are almonds and acorns. There was an acorn orchard not to far from my house and I remember walking through it to get home crunching acorns shells under my feet. With all those acorns lying about, I wish back then that I had this recipe for homemade acorn flour.

Eric and Julia of Ramshackle Solid recently posted up a step by step guide for acorn flour which could then be used to make delicious things such as acorn pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc. Im drooling right now.

The process seems a bit labor some, but for someone with an abundance of acorns in their area, this seems like a great healthy treat.

[link via BoingBoing]


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