The key to the perfect sandwich

I love sandwiches, they are probably my all time favorite food, which is why I was crushed to find out I had a wheat intolerance and had to give them up. Sure there are some wheat free breads out there, but most of them are hard and crumble easy…not so good for sandwich making. Recently I discovered spelt bread and I feel as though I am born again. Finally I can eat my favorite food again!

So over the weekend I bought a loaf of tasty pliable spelt bread and embarked on making one sandwhich after another. Each delicious (although the roasted chicken with garlic peppered bacon was quite exceptional) in its own way, I realized that the key to an amazing sandwich lies in the spread….or in my case, the mayonnaise.

Yes, fresh tasty veggies and food quality meats definitely give a sandwich a solid base, but its the spreads that give it character. In the past Ive been a big fan of wasabi mayonnaise because of the subtly delicious kick it give sandwiches. Heres a few other favorites of mine to add a unique twist on any sandwich….of course many of these you can buy, but they are so easy to make that you might as well whip up your own!

Lemon Pepper Mayo– add some lemon pepper and a bit of fresh lemon juice
Capers and Mayo- add some capers, a little bit of caper juice and lemon juice
Basil and Garlic Mayo– made this by mistake this weekend because i planned to make pesto mayo and realized I forgot to buy pine nuts. Just blend basil, lemon, garlic and olive oil in a blender, fold that mixture in with mayonnaise
Pesto Mayo– same as above but add the pine nuts I forgot hehe
Balsamic Mayo– fold in some balsamic vinegar to the mayo
Cilantro Mayo– blend cilantro, peppers, cumin and lime juice in a blender and add to mayo
Roasted Red Pepper Mayo– In a brioler roast up some slices of red pepper drizzled with olive oil and pepper. Once blackened pour the peppers and the oil into a blender and puree. fold into mayonnaise.
Wasabi Mayo– add wasabi poweder or paste to mayonnaise…watch out for how quickly this will heat up!

Well thats about it, really the options are limitless when it comes to flavored mayonnaise…next time…flavored mustards!


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