Avaste ye geeks of domesticity!

Arrrg! In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I present ye with the 10 best pirate domestic geekery!

3D Pirate Cake Pan

A nifty little pan that allows you to make a 3D pirate cake! How awesome is that?! I would recommend making a delicious rum cake to fill it with…

Rum Cake

Every Christmas my mom makes the most delicious Rum Cake, I actually hate rum but I love her rum cake! This isnt exactly her recipe (if I shared that with you Id have to kill you) but it seems pretty close. So bake up a rum cake in the shape of a pirate ship and enjoy!

Skull n Crossbones Ice Cube Tray

nothing like chilling your drink with a dead man’s skull. If you cant wait to order these online, many Borders stores carry them.

Pirate plates

Unfortunately those paper party pirate plates arent reusable or we’d all be stocking our kitchen with them. Flickr user postdesigner hand painted these gorgeous pirate plates. Unfortunately for us, they are all sold out.

Pirate Mug

There is an endless supply of pirate mugs online, this Pirate Bride mug is one of m favorites…Im a sucker for pink.

Pirate Toasting Glasses

For the high class pirate in your life, Medieval Mayhem brings us the classiest in pirate gear so you can drink your bathtub wine in style. They also have an excellent wench cup and wine cork

Pirate toilet paper

To keep your booty clean as a wenches teet

Pirate oven mit and pot holder

For you galley, use this pirate set to keep from burning ye fingers on gruel

Pirate’s Spice Tea

From my favorite online tea site comes their Pirate’s Spice Tea. Its a blend of vanilla oolong, pumpkin spice and rum….for those days when youve had just a bit too much grog to drink.

Pirate Wall Stickers

Just peel and stick to turn your wall into the most piraterific place on the planet! Nuff said!

Yarg well that be all mateys! Enjoy Pirate Day and watch out for ninjas!


2 Responses to “Avaste ye geeks of domesticity!”

  1. 1 Kaitlen September 19, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    That Pirate’s Spice Tea sounds delicious…but I think your link’s busted. Incidentally, I used to have a pirate-themed bathroom. It was kinda rad.

  2. 2 seanalyn September 19, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    ah link fixed!

    do you have any pics of the pirate bathroom??

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