Nerd knit alert! Battlestar Galactica knit hat!

A few months back, my friend and fellow geeky knitter Stephanie who runs Quirky Knit Girl developed the most amazing geeky cute knitting project. I just thought I needed to share it with you all in case you havent seen it.

Starbuck’s Mandala Hat

Based on the mythical mandala pattern that Starbuck repeatedly paints on the show comes this efortlessly cute and subtlety geeky pattern.

What I love most about this hat is that its very cute and wearable even for someone who doesnt get the BSG reference.

You can follow this link to her page to find the pattern and if you do make a hat please send her and I the pics!


1 Response to “Nerd knit alert! Battlestar Galactica knit hat!”

  1. 1 mrstetris September 18, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    omg. that’s so frakin’ nerdy and i loves it.

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