Geek Gear: Museum of Modern…Appliances?!

Who knew that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art sold ridiculously chic and sleek kitchen and home gadgets?! And here I thought it was just Dutch Renaissance notepads! Well heres my wish list of gear from SF MoMA

A sleek simplistic teapot that looks like a work of art. Swoooooon. Now if only I could justify dropping $200 on a teapot when I have a perfectly good $25 on on my stove.

Paradise Birds Salt and Pepper Shakers

I never thought I would see the day where I actually desired bird shaped salt and pepper shakers! Hell I never thought I would want any sort of decorative shakers because it seems like something my grandma would collect. But lo and behold, I want these innovative and cute shakers to sit aside my penguin set, my grandmothers vintage porcelain set and my 1UP mushroom set. To my boyfriend, Im sorry, I swear I wont start collecting doilies!

Drop Bottle Opener

This hopelessly chic bottle opener claims to be lightweight and ergonomic … I dont know it looks like you could bludgeon someone to death with it which makes it a multi use item! I love items with multiple uses!! I can open a beer and slay a burglar all in one swift motion!

Salad Servers Plant

Yet another kitchen item that I dont need but desperately want. I could only justify this purchase because they would match my 1UP mushroom salt and pepper shakers perfectly.

Cubix Lamp

Im not much of a lamp person but theres something about this that is so elegantly simple and comforting that I just love it….well either that or it just reminds me of Jenga.

To drool over and or purchase these items and more, head over to the SF MoMa shop.


1 Response to “Geek Gear: Museum of Modern…Appliances?!”

  1. 1 yyyolllllllla October 18, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    if you like modern appliancces and such google drawings of a dome and youll see a house dome click on it and go on the website that stufff is awesum!!!!!!!!!

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